COMTEL INFORMATICS is established in Doha-Qatar Since 2005, duly licensed by Ministry of Trade and Industry authorized to execute and engage with communication Projects and is registered with commercial registration no.42961 under the law of Qatar. COMTEL INFORMATICS is currently on its expansion program and improving company structure to meet and develop the needs of innovative and high profile company for customer/s and client/s satisfaction. But to furnish the trend of present market, COMTEL has recognized to focus the services of TECHNICAL PERSONEL with excellent expertise and proven experience in the field of communication in the state of Qatar.

Our Mission is to achieve excellence in serving customers through a highly competent and dedicated staff which provides professional service and follow the concept of Total Quality Management and Total customers satisfaction through their commitment and hard work. We strive to forge lasting relationships with our customers based on consistent performance. This we achieve by giving utmost attention with best Services, Quality products and fair competitive pricing. Our Vision is to become a systematic service provider and supplier, employing the best business practices. We shall achieve this by being the first choice as a total service provider and supplier for Oil, Gas and Power Industry.